Laura & James | The Walled Garden Cowdray

I always seem to talk about the weather in these posts but whilst we all say if it rains it's fine, we live in England what can we expect? Secretly we are all hoping and wishing that it's sunny and the 50 giant umbrellas we invested in remain in their cellophane. I promise I wish it too for each and every one of my couples even though I actually would prefer a nice flat cloudy sky instead of bright sunshine (as it makes photographing outside way easier) but it's not my day so I'll take bright sun over rain any day. So despite a changeable week leading up to the big day, Saturday arrived and so did the magical sun.

It was a truly beautiful day, filled with more flowers than you can imagine, a glorious array of bridesmaids dresses (hand chosen by each to suit themselves, I do love it when bridesmaids don't match!) and oh yes sunshine which showed off the flowers in the Walled Garden at Cowdray delightfully. Laura & James had booked time in the ruins and again we were lucky to hit it at just the right time so the light was just beautiful.

A stunning day from start to finish, this is a long post, I hope you enjoy it!