Italy, Castello di Cortanze | Natalie & Seb

About an hour from Turin (home of the Fiat 500 with the T in Fiat standing for Turin - who knew?!) Castello di Cortanze was getting itself all ready for the wedding of Natalie & Seb, family and friends had flown in the day before and were settling into this gorgeous space. Michael and I had done our recce, had climbed up and down quite a few steps, hills and explored the surrounded village for spots to take the couple. It was a glorious, intimate, happy, fun day that couldn't have gone any better. There were tears, lots of them, odd socks (Seb will have to explain that one) and there was lots of laughter. Lots of late night dancing in the courtyard and just the best day ever. We were really, really, delighted to be able to capture it and we will never forget the wonderful 9 (yes 9!) course meal we had - thank you Natalie & Seb, we wish you an amazing life together xxx