Mr & Mrs Judd | 60 years | A personal project

The truth is I'm a little scared posting this, I must be... I took these images over a year ago. I had wanted to explore more personal projects last year and push myself well outside my comfort zone, I love weddings and everything they represent and whilst each is unique and challenging and presents it own set of circumstances which on the day push you, I know I can photograph a wedding and generally I know what to expect. I met Mr & Mrs Judd some years ago at Debs & Marco's wedding back in 2009, then they were celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary and I just found them fascinating, after so many years, the love, friendship and humour they shared was just so evident I was captivated. Over the following years I had the pleasure of meeting the family again and again as Debs & Marco had their own family and also gifted photoshoots for both sets of parents. I had the idea to capture a day in the life of the Judd's for such a long time before I finally plucked up the courage to put the idea forward and see if they would allow me to.

They kindly did.

Allowing me to spend a day with them just capturing it as it unfolded, which on this particular day also included their dance class. Something they have been doing together since they first meet. My heart was just so full when I left, so inspired by a couple who had been together for so long and still laughed together who had been through such happy occasions as well as a tragic loss. The memories they shared with me I won't forget and seeing their wedding album was really special. Thank you so much for allowing me a peek into your life and for sharing your day with me. I am sorry it's taken me so long to have the courage to post these.