Emma & Rory | Hampton Court House Wedding

This day. This day really was one to remember, I don't even know how a December date could turn out balmy with streaming sunshine or how our couple portraits look like it was a completely different time of year. Or how such a lovely venue like Hampton Court House, could be anymore delightful and perfect in every single way. I knew from talking to Emma & Rory at our Beloved shoot that this was going to be special, they really put in a lot of effort for the day to reflect them as a couple. Rory is a musician as well as a music teacher and Emma is an English teacher with a love of literature. The day was sprinkled with musical interludes, this fantastic trio - Hot Potato Syncopators - entertained in the corridors and main hall, setting up, performing and dashing off to set up somewhere else. They were fantastic! In between courses during dinner a choir sang, the pianist played before and after the ceremony and Rory's friend played guitar and sang the couples first dance song. But to go back to the beginning... Emma and her bridesmaids got ready together in the Jane Seymour suite at the White Hart Hotel, before making their way to Hampton Court House where Rory was waiting ever so patiently, the ceremony room had two roaring fires, streaming sunshine and the perfect Christmas tree. Hampton Court House is actually a school and really I envy those pupils who go there, what an incredible place to learn. The girls waited in the library before walking down the aisle to Rory. There was huge laughter when Rory muddled up his vows, promising to give himself the time and space he needed, before correcting himself that actually he meant Emma. ;)

Family images followed before we made the most of the gorgeous weather and then I left the couple to enjoy their guests and entertainment. The dining room was so beautifully decorated, with the most gorgeous floral arrangements from my favourite florist Steph from Fairy Nuff Flowers. So it all looked extraordinary when guests and the couple arrived for their meal. What really made this day memorable was Rory's speech, apparently Emma had been asking Rory to write her a song since they met and he decided today was the day to grant her wish. Playing piano and singing, with a slideshow to go along with the words it was the sweetest, funniest, most romantic thing I've witnessed... and don't get me started on the bit about getting old. I don't think there many dry eyes in the room.

This was my last wedding of 2013 and the first I'm sharing with you in 2014. I can't think of a more wonderful day to close a great year and start a new one. Emma, Rory, truly thank you for letting me capture your day. X