Burgh Island | Reshma & Edward

Burgh Island is one of those venues that every photographer wants to shoot at, at least once and I was so delighted to have the opportunity to do so. Set on it's own tidal island, the hotel was built in 1929 and is fully restored with full 1930s glamour, you truly feel you've stepped back in time. I was completely in love with the place, 'real' rotary dial telephones, proper clunky typewriters, solid immovable furniture, rounded corners, stained glass, it's even the location that nursed Poirot back to health!

Resh & Ed incorporated the environment and feel of their surroundings into their day but had their own twist with the girls all wearing stunning saris for the ceremony held in the black and white checked floor Ganges Room, that has a bank of windows and doors that look out onto the beautiful views. Thankfully the grey, rainy morning brightened up as soon as the ceremony started, just adding that final touch of perfection to a ceremony that was heartfelt, emotional and filled with giggles of happiness from the couple. This also meant post ceremony the couple and guests could enjoy their drinks outside, admire the views and we were able to make the most of the fabulous landscape in the couple portraits.

Before dinner there was another little Resh & Ed twist with the bridal party changing for dinner into full 1930s glam with stunning gowns, fur jackets, feathers in their hair, pearls, gloves for the ladies and black tie for the gentlemen - oh it was a wonderful transformation! A swing band got the evening entertainment underway as we left the pair to party the night away... here are just some of my favourites...

p.s Huge thank you to Simon for coming along and second shooting with me on the day.