Creative Shoot | Jimmys Farm Woodland

Steph, Andrea and I planned this wonderful woodland shoot. In our minds it was to be a bold, bright look, decorating the woods and dens and having a whimsical magical feel.

We managed to get Jimmys Farm (friend of Jamie) to loan us their wonderful woodland and farm for both parts of our shoot. We had a summer date booked in, we over came the many last minute cancellations of the models (whose stories for not being able to come were far more impressive than 'the dog ate my homework') we had the wonderful Kaz Fernando involved for hair and make-up, Johanna Hehir entrusted us with her beautiful dresses and Hunter sent us an abundance of boots. We drove 2 hours East across London to a Holiday Inn the night before and watched a beautiful sunset as we ate pizza and prepared for the magical shoot the next day!

The reality was the shoot date was probably the most miserable of 2012 it rained, it poured and drizzled all day non stop, it was cold, windy and plain horrid. Trekking up and down through the woods was no longer charming and delightful it was boggy, slippy and squidgy. Steph in her usual optimistic way had worn flip flops. The thing was we had planned this day for months, everyone was here, it wasn't a case of we can come back tomorrow - and like a real wedding, there is absolutely nothing you can do about the weather. We could of course just have given up and gone home but really that wasn't an option. So everyone just got on with it and really in the conditions that we had to put up with I am amazed at the outcome. I'm really, really proud of theimages and everyone's hard work and vision to create something different, bold, interesting and creative. No it wasn't the easiest day but the outcome I think was worth it.

This is part one, part two to follow shortly...

Also featured on Rock My Wedding.