I'm Catherine. I've been photographing weddings for over 10 years, I once photographed the wedding of Prince Charles' valet (like Bate's off of Downton, only the groom was much younger and had two good legs) in the speeches, Prince Charles had sent a telegram (he wasn't in attendance of course) but he 'had misplaced his slippers'. This caused much merriment.

I love a good speech, it doesn't have to involve The Royals, but I love capturing the reactions, the moments that make your day yours, often those are the moments that you as the couple will miss because you can only be in one place and the whole wedding day is unfolding around you. So I love to capture all those moments for you, the in between, where you, your guests forget about the camera and revel in the moment, raucous laughter, crazy dancing, outrageous speeches, terrible singing, tears of joy and every other emotion that is brought out on this one amazing day.

I grew up in West London and we (me, Michael and our two children) moved to West Sussex two years ago we live near Winnie the Pooh's forest which is exciting, if you are under the age of 5! I genuinely love coffee, I actually can't function without it, I love making lists, I have lists for my lists, I love food and photograph it personally and professionally, I don't think I could live without Washi Tape or Tin Foil. I'm not very good at 'admin' or adding up.

Because everyone always asks or calls me Lily. When I started this little wedding thing, I needed a name and named it after my two favourite people Lily is my sister and Frank is Michael (my husband's) middle name. I hoped it sounded friendly and not too cheesy, anyway 10 years on it still feels a good fit for what I do.

I'd love to hear about you and your day.

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